Poker up- Play Online poker

Poker is one of the few card games that can be played in many different. you can play online or offline in both common tables and tournaments. The player can select the game mode and also the size of the blinds.

The biggest advantage of poker up is you get 50,000 chips as a downloading gift and a chip every six-hour. So a player can never run out of chips. Also if you want to play in a certain group there is the option of playing in 5 player and 9 players table.

Give and receive gifts from your friend list, social chat, and with every upgrade receive free chips.  The game-play is easy and for a new player, we offer a guide o the game. Poker up is a fun, enjoyable, and game for entertainment purposes.

After every play the higher you go the achievements will be unclocked and the player will get more and more benefits from it. you can be easily hooked up to the game for hours. But gambling in the virtual world and real game is different. that’s why we have created this game to give you a gaming experience of poker which is difficult to enjoy in real life.

Key Features

  • Different type of Gameplay :- We have a different type of gameplay like Playnow, Hold’Em, Sit N Go, We have five or nine tables and a limit of chips and time as per players preference.
  • Play with Friends :- You can play poker with your friends by inviting them to your table and have a fun gaming experience of card play.
  • Play online :- Play poker with players around the world, Go on any table, and play with friends player. And also you can add them to your friend’s list for later gameplay.
  • Facebook login :- Players can also log in with their Facebook accounts and play the game, You can also be notified with your other Facebook friends playing rummy.
  • Guest Login :- Want to play enormously, We have an answer for that also, play as a guest with your complete convenience for the game.
  • Daily reward system :- Get rewards every day, with a daily reward system, log in every day, and win an amazing price. There won’t be any miss in getting the reward.
  • Free spin :- With free spins get free coins every day. In twenty-four hours we allow spin every player for the free coins.
  • Poker Slot Machine :- We also provide a poker slot machine, Where the player can try out his luck and stand a chance to win an exciting gift.
  • Leaderboard :- Keep track of your ranking by leaderboard, Put yourself ahead in the game track by analyzing the leaderboard.
  • In-App Purchase :- Except for daily rewards, there are many other prices offered by the game. To achieve that but In-app purchase.
  • Google ADS :- Put on out the Google ads and earn, Also get information on many brands with Google Ads.
  • Photon Server :- With the Photon server, you can either join or host the game server and play with your friends.
  • Playfab Server :- There are plenty of options to join the game, We have a playfab server to join the game you wish to be played in.

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