Rummy Team : Play a rummy game

Rummy is a well-known card game. It is fun and exciting and completely depends on your card’s fortune and knowledge of decks. It can be played online with a random player or on a private table with friends.

The deck of cards is equally distributed between players in some amount of cards. And other cards are kept facedown ina stack. And as the game moves forward every player should make sets of three or four in range of rank, color, or sequence to win the game.

 The players go along in the circle and take a card from the stack or drop down the card of other players to use in these sets. And if anyone player closes the set first by the number of required sets and puts down the last unwanted card then that player wins. Also, the remaining players can continue for other positions but the first prize and winner is the player who completes the game in the minimum time with proper formatting of cards.

Key Features

  • Play with AI :- Play with AI and sharpen your skills for the game, With each game learn more about the value of cards.
  • Play online :- You can play this game with anyone around the world. Meet new friends with every game.
  • Play with Friends :- The game gives many options of playing, Invite or join with friends for the gameplay.
  • Daily Reward System :- There nothing more satisfying in the game than having rewards every day. Earn rewards every day and use them wisely.
  • Chat System :- Chat along with other players while playing the game, have fun by sharing your fun moments of the game.
  • Facebook Login :- Login with Facebook for secure login and get notified by your friends for the gaming.
  • Guest Login :- If you want to play alone or differently then guest login And, Find out about the game more enormously.
  • Google Login :- We have tons of options of login in the game, Where Google is the most demanded and recommended by everyone. OFcouse,the easiest to do it.
  • Google Ads :- put on out the Google ads and earn, Also get information on many brands with Google Ads.
  • In-App Purchase :- Except for daily rewards there are many other prices offered by the game. To achieve that but In-app purchase.
  • Photon Server :- With the Photon server you can either join or host the game server and play with your friends.
  • Playfab Server :- There are plenty of options to join the game, We have a playfab server to join the game you wish to be played in.

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