Teen Patti Live – Indian Poker

Play teen Patti online with your friends and other new players in real-time. Fun right|

This game of 3 cards is fun and exciting, 3 Patti is the next-gen game of Indian poker game.

Whether you are aware of this game or a new player, there is an opportunity to win it for all players, teen Patti is the most famous and well-known card game over the years, it is played by certain rules.

You can play it in a group with your friends or with some random stranger also, the only thing matter in this game is the highest cardholder wins the game. The players can keep up the chal up to a certain limit of table, Then they should show their cards and the player with higher cards wins the game.

The advantage of this game is you can play in limited and unlimited stakes as per the player’s preference. And also it is an online multiplayer game, you can join as a group or solo.

Our game has the key advantages of giving additional beneficial chips and jackpots to the players which can make your game more enjoyable. Try out your fortune in the game and win rewards.

Key Features

  • Play online :- Play rummy online with friends around the world, choose the table of your preference, and play the game.
  • Facebook Login :- Players can also log in with Facebook and play with Facebook friends, Notify them, invite them in the fun rummy game.
  • Play as guest  :- If you want to play alone or differently then guest login And, Find out about the game more enormously.
  • Different gameplay :- We have different gameplay options with different levels and challenges in the game of rummy.
  • Challenges :- You can choose any gameplay feature and play it, there are different levels in each mode to play on.
  • Free Chips :-The gameplay offers free chips in a regular interval of time, for the player to have additional chips.
  • In-app purchase :-  Players can buy any amount of chips or money with an app purchase feature in the rummy game.
  • Chat system :- Chat along with your friends while playing the game, have fun conversations while gaining the money.
  • Bonus Rewards :- We offer bonus rewards for every player in the time stack offered in the game. This is one of the most advantageous features.
  • Photon Server  :- With the Photon server, you can either join or host the game server and play with your friends.

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